5 Tips for Pet Proofing Your House

by Pet Parents Place on June 13, 2017

Puppy MischiefWhen you bring a pet home for the first time, everything is new to him or her. Your animal, whether a newborn or a grown adult, will likely have a strong inclination to explore its new surroundings. Use these tips to prevent harm to your pet or your home.

  1. Set Boundaries- Realize that some areas of your home will pose a threat to your pet no matter how many safety tips you employ. Keep the doors to these rooms closed at all times, or install a gate to keep your pet out.
  2. Hide or Seal Trashcans- Pets are easily persuaded by smells. Your trash could contain food scraps that may be potentially dangerous to your pet. Avoid this temptation by putting your trashcan away in a closed closet.
  3. Keep Toilet Bowls Closed- Many pets are drawn to an open toilet bowl which unfortunately can lead to unintentional consumption of cleaning products, or ultimately falling into the water. Escape these potential pitfalls by installing toilet lid locks and training your family to always keep the lid down.
  4. Cover all Vents- Open heating and air condition vents throughout your house can pose serious risk to your pets. Be sure to use vent covers to prevent any accidental fall-ins for inquisitive pets.
  5. Remove Harmful Plants- As pretty as they may be, many household plants and flowers are extremely dangerous when ingested by pets. To prevent the risk of a potential problem, make sure these plants are out of your house before bringing in a pet.

Even if you implement all of these precautionary measures, accidents still happen. If your pet does get into trouble, know who to call. Have your veterinarian’s number easily accessible, and know where your closest animal hospital is located.