We at Pet Parents Place LOVE rescues – particularly our own!  This story is about our rescue cat Gizmo.  Her history and how she came to be with us.

If you have a pet rescue story you’d like to share, please send it to us at:  info@petparentsplace.com



Our little girl Gizmo (check out the big ears!) was found in downtown Washington D.C. when she was barely six weeks old. She’d been severely physically abused and buried under a pile of bricks and left for dead. Luckily, someone found her and took her to our locale Humane Society where they named her Meep.  So much of Gizmo’s  little body was hurt and some bones broken that she had numerous surgeries. Her long, thin tail was even broken and it now has a bend in the middle of it that makes her even cuter. Gizmo had a long road to her full recovery.

Once she was released from the veterinarian, a vet tech fostered her and tended to her numerous injuries. After nursing her back to full strength, she’s now doing great and has a spunky personality.

Her foster mom was also fostering four German Shepherds at the same time she had Gizmo.   So when we brought Gizmo to our home, she was absolutely fine with the dogs.  And surprisingly though, she was afraid of our 16 lb cat!  It was so funny that she was fine with huge dogs but not with another cat.

Please share your animal rescue success story with us!  We love to hear them and to share them with others.  It brings a smile to everyone!


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