So Much to Learn Owning Your First New Dog

Owning your first dog is an exciting experience. On top of the thrill of selecting your new friend, there is so much to learn! Even if you had a dog as a child, you’ll quickly see that adult pet ownership and the responsibilities involved are fairly significant. There is basic equipment, like bowls, food, a crate, and collar, and then there is all you need to learn, like when your dog needs vaccines and how much exercise he should have. Fortunately, through the many great apps available, there are plenty of opportunities for first-time dog owners to enrich their pets’ lives.

Your Smartphone Needs to be up to Date

Before you start the downloading bonanza, take note of the smartphone you are using. You’ll need a phone that is up to date and that has a long battery life and enough speed and power to make your tools work seamlessly. If you’re due for an upgrade, look for deals on some of the newer models. For instance, you can trade in your phone for a newer model, or buy a certified pre-owned phone. Whatever new device you choose, having a powerful phone in your hand can make it easy to access these top apps that make dog ownership a breeze!


Everyone knows that chocolate is bad for dogs, but did you know many houseplants can be harmful, too? All pet owners wonder at one time or another if a particular food – or thing he found in the yard – will hurt their furry friend. AppAdvice notes there is a resource PupTox. It’s a toxicity reference for your dog. Just look up any substance you have a question about, and you’ll find information on how it could affect your dog. When you have a concern, it will allow you to decide if it’s time to call the vet or know that all is well.


You can know every move your dog makes with the Whistle dog tracking app. It can alert you when your dog leaves a designated safe space and send real-time info on how much exercise and food he’s enjoying. Whistle also lets you track vet visits, vaccinations, and other milestones.


This fun little app has a whole slew of features that make being a pet parent easier and more fun. You can do serious things like track your pet’s daily habits and share medical records, but this app also offers many fun and frivolous features. You can connect with other pet owners to share photos and info, search for pet-friendly local establishments, and even set up pet playdates.


The Chewy pet app puts all the best pet brands at your fingertips. You can easily research your favorite brands and find new ones to try. For items you buy on a regular basis, like food, supplements, and even prescriptions, you can set up autoship information as well. Check out the daily deals for special savings and talk with other dog owners in the pet community.


Disruptive Dog explains this tracking app makes much of dog ownership easier. On top of fitness information, it has the added benefit of tracking your health right along with your pets. It attaches to your dog’s collar and monitors exercise, food intake, sleep, and calories burned. The fun part is that it connects to your own fitness device so you can work on your health goals together.

There is so much joy in owning a dog. Adding some apps can make it even more fun, and it can make dog ownership easier. Let technology assist you as you begin this wonderful journey, and you’ll have more confidence about the hows and whys as a first-time dog owner.

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