Get Your Dog on the Gram: Instagram Photo Tips

Make your dog the Instagram star

If you’re one of the millions of people addicted to Instagram, you will know how loved dog
photos are. If you’ve been looking to capture your furry friend on the gram, Pet Parents Place
shares excellent tips for taking the most Instagram-worthy photos of your dog today.

Follow Time-Tested Photo Hacks

If you’re unsure where to start, follow these time-tested photo hacks that have worked for
professionals and amateurs alike:

● Use a tripod: A tripod will help you keep your camera steady, which is essential for
taking clear, sharp photos.
● Rule of thirds: This composition rule will help keep your photos looking exciting and
● Natural light: Good lighting will be your best friend, so try to get outdoors for as much
natural light as possible!

Let’s Get Technical

Once you use the above hacks, it’s time to get technical with your photo specs. Here’s what to
look for:
● High ISO: A high ISO (like 1600 or 3200) will make your photos look brighter and more
● Use burst mode: In burst mode, the camera takes a rapid succession of photos, so
you’re sure to get at least one picture of your pet in focus and properly exposed.
● Background: Make sure your background looks interesting, and keep it uncluttered and
free of distractions.

Have Fun With It

Lastly – don’t forget to have fun with your images! Here’s how you can do so:

● Video montage: Make a fun video or montage of you and your pup – you can easily do
this by using a tool that helps convert videos to GIFs for free.
● Use props: If you want to make your photos fun and interesting, try using props. You
can use toys and food to make your images more creative.
● Be patient: Dogs are notoriously tricky to photograph, so it’s important to be patient. If
you try to hurry them along, you will likely have a blurry photo.

Ready to get clicking?

Watch the likes and shares come flooding in as you take great pictures of
your pet for the gram! It’s also a great way to make (and look back on) special memories with
your doggo!


Article by Jessica Brody, Our Best Friends

Photo by

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