Fur babies are your children, and as such, you want to reduce stress when downsizing with a pet. Moving with pets can be tricky; whether you are moving cross country or just a few blocks away, the mayhem feels the same to them. To help limit the overwhelm, Pet Parents’ Place offers the following advice.


While won’t eliminate all the stress of moving for your pets, here are some helpful tips:

1. Take a ride with your pet to familiarize them with the community sights and smells.
2. Set the pet carrier out, as well as some of your moving supplies, several days ahead of the move. Let your pets explore them. Putting familiar items in the carrier, such as their favorite treats, helps them make a positive connection. Play a game of hide and seek, with treats or their favorite toys behind the boxes.
3. Have a go-bag prepped and handy with your pet’s food, treats, toys, litter, and leashes for when you move.
4. If possible, have a friend keep your pets or board them on moving day to minimize exposure to the confusion and noise.


1. Once moved, try to set up their new area much like the old one.
2. Establish the same routine as previously followed; pets get confused by any changes.
3. Animals need time to adapt and adjust to their new location. Spend extra time outdoors with your pet, playing or walking. This is a fantastic way to keep their stress levels down.
4. Feed your pet indoors for the first few days.
5. Remember to counter any negative behavior with positive reinforcement techniques — don’t let your moving frustrations influence your actions.


Downsizing may involve buying a new residence and selling your current one. One of the top priorities would be to get preapproved for a loan on your new place as this lets you know how much you can borrow. Lenders consider your debt-to-income ratio to see how much you can realistically afford. When shopping around for a mortgage, look for lenders like Penny Mac US, which offers a variety of loan types, from conventional to FHA to VA to custom terms.
While waiting on your approval, you could start preparing your current place to be shown to prospective buyers. These simple tasks can make your home more sellable:

1. Clean the front door/entryway. Keep the driveway clean.
2. Clean all the gutters; inspect your roof for damage. Hiring a professional service is highly recommended.
3. Pack up any valuables, personal photos, and personal documents.
4. Keep all bathrooms clean.
5. Remove trash from all receptacles

Ensure that your pet’s food, water, litter box, bed, and toys remain in the general area, however.


By following the same routine and ensuring you’re fully prepared for the move on the day, you can make life easier for your dogs, your cats, and any other pet you have. These tips can help reduce stress significantly.

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