Rescue pets are the heart of our company at Pet Parents Place  .  Nothing warms our hearts more than success stories of pets being rescued and finding their ‘Happily Ever After’ homes.  And this story about Cindi aka Cinderella will definitely warm your heart and have awe at how Cindi escaped death.  Not once. But twice. And with the goodness of kismet, found her loving forever home.

We at Pet Parents Place love to publish these heart warming stories.  So please send us your rescue pet’s story.  Perhaps you can tell us how when you saw the pet at the shelter and just knew you were meant to be together.  Do you know the story behind your rescue pet?  We’d love to know that.  Do you have a friend with a great rescue pet story?  Please forward this blog onto them and ask them to send it to us at .


One of our Pet Parents Place follower sent us this wonderful story about her cat Cindi aka Cinderella.  As you will see, the name is perfect and has great meaning for this little kitten.  And here the story, in her words.

My rescue story is probably not like others.  I was at the veterinarian with my older kitten Noelle and waiting at the reception desk.  I was just about to leave when two women came up to the reception desk.  One of the women had come to the veterinarian’s because they had taken her deceased dog, that had died in their home fire, to be cremated. One of the women was holding a cardboard carrier.  And she reached in and took from it the tiniest grey kitten.


The woman was in tears.  Her house had burned down.  She lost the entire home.  And her beloved dog.  She was so upset and heartbroken.  Then she proceeded to tell us how she came to have the kitten and why she couldn’t keep it.

The day after the terrible fire at her home, she and her husband went to see if they could salvage anything.  While there, they heard a noise coming from inside the fireplace wall. They thought it could be a bird that got caught in the wall.  Her husband found something to chisel away at the fireplace wall and finally got through.  And there within the fireplace, was this tiny, tiny kitten.  The woman’s story is that they speculated that the kitten had been born to a feral mother. And that perhaps a bird of prey (possibly a hawk), had grabbed the kitten and flown off with it. Somehow the kitten wriggled out of the bird’s talons in the air and fell down into the fireplace chimney after the fire.


As I was listening to all of this, I suddenly found myself saying… “I’ll take that kitten!”  And so I did.  The veterinarian said the kitten was somewhere around a week old.


Cindi has been with us for over a year now. She is aggressive and gets into a lot of trouble.  She’s my baby and we love her very much!

Wonderful success story is courtesy of Noell and Cindi.  Thank you two!

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