We, at Pet Parents Place, realize there are many reasons that thousands of people have had to give up their cats and other pets that they love with all their hearts.  It’s heart breaking.  We can’t even imagine the pain and loss the pet parents must feel when they have to surrender their pet.

This is a story of a woman that had to give up her best furry cat buddy after having him for eleven years.  The reason was that her young daughter was allergic to cats.  As luck would have it, another woman was looking to adopt an older cat.  See how this story ends.

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As always, we like to publish the story in the pet parents own words.


Basically, my cat, Gatsby ( I renamed him) was 11 1/2 years old when his owner had to give him up because of allergies of her young daughter. Because I had been looking for an older cat, I was contacted by the local Humane Society. I went to her home and instantly decided to take him. He is a large, orange cat, my favorite. It was difficult to take him from a person who had him and loved for so long..for both of us. But Gatsby adjusted well and I was given a lot of information about him. I have had him for over 2 years now; he will be 13 on October 28th. He is a wonderful cat and I am so glad to have him. I am an older person so it was my decision to adopt an older cat.
So many older cats are not adopted because, I guess, people want to raise cats themselves.
Gatsby’s former owner keeps in touch with the Humane Society and I send her pictures from time to time so she can see him and how well he is doing.  She likes this and I am glad to do it. This is the second older cat I adopted, the other given up also. She was 12 when I got her and died at 19. For an older person, adopting an older cat is a blessing for both. They do adapt and you will be rewarded with love and their already formed personalities, which can be very interesting.
If this story will encourage people to take a look at an older cat, that would be terrific.

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