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Dog Etiquette Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

 If you’re looking to get a new dog, as well as buying a home for the first time, there is a lot to consider. Not only do you need to navigate the complexities of real estate, you also need to adapt your plans to accommodating a pet. From association restrictions to yard size and space, there is much to account for.

Do Your Research

 Even when it comes to owning your own home, a pet can complicate things. Some associations only allow certain types of pets, so make sure to do your research when buying a new home in your area. Luxury homes can be an excellent place to start, as you tend to have more freedom and space. See what is available in your budget and preferred location and do some digging. Visit during the day and in the evenings. Do you see neighbors walking their dogs? Are there pet shops and plenty of parks for dogs to romp in? Don’t hesitate to look into the local vets as well. Read reviews and determine if this neighborhood is the one for you.

Use a Leash

 When out in public, especially when training your pet, you will want to use a leash. Often, not doing so can result in a fine. Not only that, but you can never tell whom you will meet. Your new neighbors may love dogs, or they may be deathly afraid of them. Children, especially very young ones, may be scared seeing even a small dog trotting along without a harness. Use the leash to keep your dog close when you walk, and never let your dog off leash unless they are very well trained and at an off-leash dog park. Dogs, even the best trained ones, can behave sporadically and be unpredictable. They may smell something exciting, be scared by a vehicle, or get scooped up when your back is turned for only a moment. Keeping them on a leash keeps them safe and keeps you from being fined. But no matter how careful you are, there’s always a chance your pup could escape. GPS trackers can help you locate your dog if an escape ever happens.

Clean Up

 Not only is it unsanitary to leave your dog waste behind, but it can cost you through various fines. It may be unpleasant, but it’s an integral part of caring for a pet. If you won’t clean up after your dog, you frankly don’t deserve to have one, especially with how many ways there are to clean up after your companion. You can use the traditional plastic bag approach and even invest in compostable bags. There are also various types of scooping equipment so you don’t have to use your hands. If your dog’s place to go is in your yard, you can power wash it away or freeze it with aerosol. You can even pay someone specifically to come in and take care of the issue for you.


 Just as dogs should be leashed for caution’s sake, we should be careful when it comes to our dogs interacting with other dogs. If you see another dog when out and about with your own pet, no matter how friendly that dog looks, always ask before letting your pup sniff and greet this stranger. The other dog may not be well socialized, and the last thing you want is having to break up a dog fight. The owner may not be comfortable with other dogs as well, so be courteous and ask. If given the okay, knowing full well that your dog is calm, keep any interactions brief. A short interaction is less likely to go wrong or involve a show of dominance. This rule goes for people, too. Just because someone smiles at your dog does not mean your pup can sniff and lick them. If they want to play with your dog and give them some pets, they can ask. Otherwise, keep your pup moving.

This is an exciting time. A new home and a dog in your family are the things dreams are made of. With research, training, and lots of preparation, you and your dog will be well on your way to a happy life.

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