Sharing Stories of Loss of a Pet

We at Pet Parents Place know the pain not only of the loss of a beloved pet, but also the difficulty in making the decision to let them go.  We reached out and asked pet parents to send us their stories of their loss.  Here is Tish’s story of her love and loss of her pets, and the pain of making the heart wrenching decision to let them go.

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Tish’s Story of the Loss of Her Pets

Her Pets and Making the Decision

Like most of us pet lovers, I’ve lost many pets. It’s the experience of crying jags over time. My having to euthanatize my beloved bff recently, I realized how I return to his passing and my hand in it. That moment when I had to convince the vet he was beyond light therapy for pain and down to one usable front leg to get around and his exhaustion. He was also blind and deaf.

Letting Them Go

When they gave him the first shot of tranquilizer he put his head down on my hand and went to sleep before the second final shot. That’s the scene I kept thinking about. On a clear minded day I realized I needed to practice the great moments with my pets that past instead of their final moments here. I realized I was perhaps traumatized from having to make that call to end the life of pet who was ready to pass.

Striving to Remember the Good Times

I’m now not missing out of the great memories and feeling I enjoyed with these beloveds because I strive to remember the good times.


Connecting Past and Present Pet Parents

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