We at Pet Parents Place believe the only and best breed of any pet is ‘rescue’!  So below is the story of one of our sweet rescues, Shiloh.

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Over eight years ago, our dog of twelve years, Beemer (he was a small rescue that cornered nicely!) had to be put to sleep due as his heart had given out.  As a result of losing him, our hearts and home were too empty.  So we decided it was time to find another rescue dog and began our search at Pet Finder.  My eyes and heart soon found an six-month old black mixed breed who was named Rhea.  In her photo, that is featured here, she had the cutest pose and warm, brown eyes.  I was in love!


We reached out to the rescue organization who was in the Washington, DC area. Luckily, no one else had applied to adopt her yet, so we started the process.  We weren’t able to meet Rhea in person until our application had been approved.  We completed the application that asked about our experience with dogs, if there was a fenced yard for the dog, etc.  While we impatiently waited to hear back, we were finally contacted a few days letter.  And we had been approved!  We drove into downtown Washington, DC where her foster mom lived.  We got out of our car and Rhea, on her leash, came running up to us!  Seemed to be love at first sight all the way around!  She hopped into the back of our Jeep and off we went – to her new home.


We changed Rhea’s name to Shiloh, which is Hebrew for ‘the chosen one’.  To find out about Shiloh’s past, I reached back out to the rescue group we adopted her from.  They said that a man that was building a new home found her hiding in the house he was working on.  Her took her to the Lenoir County SPCA and turned her in.  It was evident that Shiloh had been in a construction area as she still had a lot of finishing nails in her long hair.  She also still had staples in her underside from her spay.  We immediately removed all the finishing nails and took her to the vet to get her staples removed and checked over.  The vet found that Shiloh had a serious worm parasite and mange from all of the stress she’d been through.  Both issues were treated right away.

Most of North Carolina animal shelters are kill shelters. So to save her life, Shiloh was brought up from North Carolina to the Washington, DC area by the rescue group we adopted her from. That story in itself always warms my heart.


The group we adopted Shiloh from required that we take her to formal obedience training within a month of the adoption.  At the time, I thought that would be a waste of time, as I’d trained many of my own dogs.  But I did it.  Shiloh and I went to our local Petco every Saturday for eight weeks.  And I am so glad that I did that.  It really improved Shiloh and my relationship.  We understood each other. And it eliminated stress that could’ve come between us.  I highly recommend all pet parents taking their new dog to training right away.

Shiloh is great dog and we enjoy and love her every day.  She has her own cute little personality quirks.  And a huge passion for dog treats of any kind! She immediately accepted both of our adult cats and they’re all good buddies now.  Our lives and hearts are full again and it’s a wonderful feeling.


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