This is another heartwarming story of a rescue that was truly given a second chance – written in the pet parent’s own words.  We at Pet Parents Place always love a good pet rescue story and to put them on our blog.  If you have a story you’d like to share, please send it to us at:


My big chocolate brown lab mix was a puppy. And very close to dying when he was found in the woods of rural Pennsylvania.  He was taken to the local Humane Society. There they gently nurtured him back to being a healthy, rambunctious boy!  And I was able to adopt him when he was nine months old.  I then took him to his loving forever home – mine.  The Humane Society told me that they had named him Chance.  I believe he was given that name because he was given a second chance at life and I agree. And so he will always be my first Chance.


Chance has become my best furry buddy.  He curls up with me and keeps me warm.  He listens to what I say and appears to totally understand.

Chance has brought so much happiness and love into my life and my family.  I will always be grateful to the person that found Chance in the woods and took him to the Humane Society to save his life. And I am thankful to the Humane Society for nurturing him back to good health.  I am also thankful to all the wonderful people that donate their money, time and pet supplies to their Humane Society.

Here is my “little” boy Chance now at ten years old.

Success Story submitted by Eileen, Pittsburgh, PA area

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