Her Story of Her Fur Baby Loss, and Finding Love Again

(A story submitted by one of Pet Parents Place users.)

Hi There! I registered my fur baby on Petparentsplace.com  and here is a little story about us.

The Passing of her Pomeranian Boy

I had a white Pomeranian boy who passed away in May 2014 and he was my child. I always told myself I will never be able to have another pet because I was just so devastated.

Serendipity Helped Her Find Her New Fur Baby Love

Well, fast forward to 3/08/17, I was in bed and randomly was scrolling thru Facebook and saw Florida Little Dog Rescue. I had “liked” their page a few years prior and would never go on the page because I simply had forgotten that I had “liked” it. So, I went on their page and saw a photo of a Pomeranian that was in a cage recovering from a surgery and right next to the cage “keeping her company” was a white Pomeranian (and I just knew he was a boy).

Her Experience Made Her the Lucky One to Get to Adopt Her New Fur Baby

I quickly went on their website and immediately applied to adopt him. I completed all the paperwork, had a very long interview and was told how there were so many people applying for him, but that they they would not let them because they were not familiar with Collapsed Tracheas. I am very familiar with them because my first Pomeranian had a collapsed trachea. A few days later, I get a text saying, “When will you be able to pick him up?” with a picture of him. I happened to be on the phone with my best friend and I screamed, “omg! I got chosen!” We both cried because she knew/saw my raw heartbreak from losing my Pomeranian years prior. So I picked him up and it was the happiest, best day ever.

She’s Been Wanting to Know Who His Previous Owner Was

I have been wanting to know where he has come from since I got him, but was told his owner could no longer care for him. He had a trachea attack one night a few years ago. I rushed him to the ER vet, then took him to his vet the next day to get an X-ray of his chest to make sure he did not have any fluids or anything. After getting the X-ray, the vet showed me his front paws, which has metal and screws in both paws and one of the screws is bent a little. I really want to know where he got his surgery, so I could take him there for a follow up and/or if any issues come up in the future.

He is Very Loving and Smart

Aside all of that, he is so smart, very loving (I have to carry him at all times, he knows he’s my baby) and fun! The joke I have is that I learn something new about him nonstop. He knows how to play fetch, play dead, play search, gets excited for new clothes and loves to dress up (he has a wardrobe that my boyfriend is jealous of) and he loves to dance!

They Love to Slow Dance Together

When I hold him and we are slow dancing for fun, his paw stays in my hand the entire time! I ask him certain words to see if he “knows” them. He understands Jet, Yacht, Vacation, etc. He is definitely “Fancy Pants” and I always tell him that if his first mommy was no longer here, “she most definitely chose me to be your mommy because I am “fancy” like you.” We are the perfect match!

Submitted by Jennifer


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