Pet Snake Care Guide: Check Out Important Tips For Having One At Home

There is more than one reason to want to have an animal at home. Fortunately, it is also possible to choose from several types of pets, according to the preference of each tutor. A pet snake, for example, may seem unusual to fans of cats and dogs. Do you want to learn about the snake pet care guide then click here.

But, believe me: like other reptiles, snakes are very fascinating, and you can spend a lot of time admiring their behavior. And, if you are on the team that likes wild animals, then we tell you how to care for a snake!

Reptiles at home only with authorization 

As with iguanas and other reptiles, all pet snakes must be purchased only from legal breeders. Thus, when you buy a legalized snake, you have a guarantee that you are purchasing a pet that was born and raised in responsible captivity.

Also, they come with a microchip, which is used by the control bodies for inspection. Keep in mind that illegally owning animals is a crime and is subject to penalties!

Raising a snake as a pet only authorizes the possession of non-venomous species, such as the boa constrictor, the corn snake, the Indian python and the royal python.

Therefore, before choosing yours, in addition to seeking an authorized seller, it is important to seek to know the habits of the chosen species, as we will see below.

Terrarium: the new habitat of the pet snake

Almost everyone has doubts about pet snake care guide, mainly because the reference we have is a snake kept in a plastic box, only with a substrate and some food options. But, if you plan to have one and want to give the quality of life to it, know that it is not so.

This is because, the snakes regulate their internal temperature from the outside temperature, and this affects their metabolism. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that they live in ideal conditions of temperature and humidity. Otherwise, snakes can get sick.

To find out what the perfect conditions are for your snake, it’s simple: what is its habitat? The boa constrictor, for example, is originally from the Amazon region, so it likes temperatures between 25ºC and 30 ° C and is best with air humidity between 40% to 60%.

Whatever the specialized recommendation for your pet snake care guide, the best way to assure it to your pet is with the help of a terrarium, accessories, thermometer, and hygrometer. Remember, some snakes may also need UVB lamps.

Therefore, knowing the snake’s habitat is also important to choose the shape and other details of the terrarium. There are arboreal snakes (who like to climb trees) and terrestrial snakes. While the former needs a higher terrarium, the latter looks better on slightly wider ones.

Ah! And ensuring an environment similar to the snake’s natural environment, with logs, substrate, and stones is also important for it to feel good.

Feeding and other care for snakes

For tutors accustomed to commercial feed, the feeding of snakes can be shocking: they are carnivorous, so they feed mainly on birds or small mammals, such as frozen rodents. The amount and frequency will depend on the species of snake, which can be at intervals of one week, 15 days or even more!

Below, see other precautions you should take with a pet snake

  • Snakes like to have a place where they can hide and relax. For this reason, in addition to accessories that resemble the habitat, always have a shelter, such as a “cave” made of stones or even with cardboard;
  • Pay close attention to the humidity of the air in the terrarium! Below normal, it can dehydrate the snake, since a humidity much higher facilitates the proliferation of fungi;
  • Under suitable humidity conditions, the snake sheds its skin naturally, up to 5 times a year. If you notice that the process is not taking place, seek a veterinarian specializing in exotic animals,

Be careful when handling the snake! Although they are not venomous, domestic workers can bite and hurt the tutor. Ask an expert for advice on how to hold the snake and avoid touching it after meals.

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