I Fell in Love with a Rescue Named Beemer

I found and instantly fell in love with my rescue dog Beemer, who was originally named Screech, at a Petco rescue adoption event.  I saw him, made sure he was still available for adoption, and sat down on the ground next to him.  He came right over to me, curled up on my lap and licked my cheek.  My husband said, “Well, I guess this is all wrapped up!”.  Beemer was over two years old when we adopted him, which seemed like an unusual age for a rescue to be available for adoption – it seems like they’re puppies, several months old or seniors.

He had been Dumped at a Shelter Because his Loving Owner was put in a Nursing Home

So I asked the rescue group why such a sweet, loving healthy dog was available for adoption.  They said it was because he ‘s original owner was an elderly lady who loved and adored him, but ended up being put in a nursing home.  And her family took her beloved dog and dropped him off at a shelter.

My Heart just Broke to Learn that Story

To know that an elderly woman had loved and cared for this dog and to never know what happened to him, broke my heart.  And then it made me wonder how many other pet parents had suffered similar losses of their pets, never to know what happened to them.  Never to know if they were dead or alive.  I thought of all the people that had lost their homes due to financial issues and had to surrender their pet.  And all the many situations, including being lost, that a pet parent would love to have peace of mind to know their pet was alive and well cared for.

So I knew I had to do Something to Fix That

And that’s what I did and continue to do. That’s when I started Pet Parents Place.  This has been an altruistic endeavor on my part; all the money to create and operate this company has come out of my own pocket.  It means that much to me.  I had the sophisticated website developed that would allow people the ability to register their dog, cat, horse or bird.  In hopes that they could connect with the past or present pet parents of their beloved pets.

Take a Moment to Register your Pets on our Website  – for FREE.  At Pet Parents Place.

I never wanted to prevent anyone from not being able to register or search for a pet due to their finances.  So I made the use of the website free – and it always will be.  Contributions are accepted and all extra funds will be donated to rescue groups to save more pets’ lives.

Please reach out to us with your stories, suggestions, etc. at:  info@petparentsplace.com

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